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Where do you wear the wedding Rings For Couples, and the reason

How do you wear the wedding and engagement rings before and after the wedding ceremony? Here are all the information you need, between traditions and superstitions.

Try them out and discover what you think! After describing the process of selecting the perfect ring for a wedding proposal, this guide will teach you how to wear it prior to or after the wedding. It also includes some interesting facts about the roots of these superstitions and traditions.

1. Where should you put your Couple Bracelets

The wedding ring should be worn on the finger of the ring because according to an old belief, it has an artery that connects directly to the heart. This is a way to grant this jewel the responsibility of guiding emotions to the heart and ensuring happiness. In Italy, the ring is wore on the left hand. However in other countries such as Spain and Greece it is worn on the right hand. It is believed that wearing the wedding ring prior to the wedding brings bad luck to every country.

2. Where to wear an engagement ring

Do you prefer either a diamond or an emerald? Whichever stone you pick ensure that you wear the engagement ring on your left hand until your wedding day. Move it to the left on the morning of the day you say "Yes I Do" to save time. Don't purchase the engagement ring with the wedding ring, as it brings bad luck!

3. What happens after the wedding?

After the momentous date these two precious stones which symbolize your unbreakable union may be positioned on the ring fingers of your left hand. Except for the five occasions, it's better to remove them.

Find the right ring for you, and don't neglect to show your individuality. By referring to the best suppliers closest to you you will surely find the perfect engagement ring!

What better way to celebrate the engagement party than with official engagement wishes. Find 40 of the most stunning and thrilling engagement greetings that best express your happiness for this happy celebration.

Let's start this list of phrases to send official engagement messages with some of the more traditional phrases that are easy to use if you're old friends, but also if you have recently met them as well as other famous ones. You can choose to include the phrases in the following paragraphs, or you can include a personal message on the card.

It does not matter if they're written or spoken or if you are using phrases for wedding vows the most important thing is that the gesture is spontaneous and reflects your heart.


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