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Accredited & Recognition
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About iidbii Accredited & Recognition

Indian Industrial Development & Business Implementing Institute -iidbii accredited by Ministry of  labour & Employment , Government of Bharat. Its also recognized by National Institution for Transforming India Aayog , Government of Bharat iidbii recognition by SIDBI under Udyamimitra & Standup India Scheme to promote EDP, Skill & Vocational training for new or existing  Bank loan borrower under Standup India &  National Livestock Mission Scheme. iidbii also accredited by University Research Corporation of India -UNIRCO for university level education promotion activity in national & International. 

IIDBII  training program in two  major categories : 

Those are :- 

1. IIDBII Industrial Training - On /Off Line System 

2. IDBII Agriculture Training - On Off Line System

IIDBII Industrial Training

Industrial training programs are practical, hands-on programs that provide candidates with on-the-job training, entrepreneurship and practical experience. These programs are designed to help candidates develop skills and knowledge in specific industries, such as construction, manufacturing, engineering, or logistics.

Here are some objectives of industrial training programs:

  • Expose candidates to the real world of work

  • Expose candidates to the latest technologies and knowledge in the market

  • Expose candidates to specific practices in their respective field of specialties

  • Enhance knowledge and skills . 

Industrial training programs can provide candidates with essential work experience relevant to their career design pathway. These programs can also provide candidates with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they've acquired in the classroom to real-world situations.

IIDBII Agriculture Training

Agricultural training is the practical application of scientific, economic, and social developmental principles in the preparation for and delivery of training in agricultural production and its related training.

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